Monday, January 2, 2012


Lately I started to exercise. To my amazement I started to get healthier. My yearly SAD (Seasonal Affecting Disorder) that I experience every winter dissipated within weeks. I am taking less supplements and I am feeling stronger. I am the definition of "weakling" who has no energy and strength. Could it be at ripe age of fifty six I am finding out I can be healthy?

Yet I am watching Tom with his crippling pain of back and hip. He has spent about two months under chiropractic care yet it seemed to me that he ended up worse than when he started. He also went to see an MD who gave him some prescription pills. I look at him. He is physically older, weaker, limping and bent as he walks... and that limits our world. When we take our luggage to our car to visit our kids, I have to be the one mindful of carrying our luggage. Where is my strong husband taking care of forever weak wife.

I want my strong Tom back.