Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Dear Mother

There is one thing that makes my mother happy. She cannot throw anything away especially those objects that she considers good or expensive. The other day she told me that what ever she treasures, she would only give it to her children. There are kitchen appliances, dishes, clothes...

She long ago learned that my brother and sister were givers but would not take what she wanted to give away. So I take them, big bundles at a time. It made her so happy that her unwanted treasure is not to be wasted.

One time I found a dress I made that my aunt admired so I gave it to her. After the dress was worn out, she gave my mother bundle of used clothes and my old dress was in it, and that bundle was given to me. I smiled and threw that dress away.

The other day she asked me if I am enjoying a special expensive shirt she gave me several years ago. I did not even remember what it was or what I did with it. I said something like, I must have shown it to Henna and maybe she liked it.

The problem is I cannot throw things away either. So things sit at our home for years until I am forced to eliminate it in order to make room. This is small price to pay for my mother's satisfaction. And sometimes I do find treasures in them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

When Patricia McCann sent her Christmas greetings I wrote this up. I need to collect some photos... Once I get it done, I will send it out on e-mails.

Dear Family and Friends

I would like to give you recap of 2011 for our family. On January Henna and Andrija bought our home in Chicago after 5 years in attempt to sell the house. We were more than happy that our home went to our own family. The agony in trying to sell a home in unsaleable time is gloriously over.

Those of us in Chicago area gathered at Henna and Aki's (Andrija's nick name) new home and had our annual Thanksgiving. Both Seth and Christian graduated from college in May. Christian is freelancing several jobs including museum work. Seth has moved to San Francisco area in California. He is hoping to find a job there.

Mateo Alexander Neill-Colovic was born on August 15th making us more than proud grand parents. Mateo will grow up in a home that his mom grew up in and for us so many years of wonderful memories will linger.

Five years ago we bought an old house in Goshen thinking that the sale of our Chicago home will give us renovating possibilities. This year we were able to remodel our kitchen completely. We never expected it would be five years but it was well worth the wait.

Elizabeth decided to finish the last two years of high school in Chicago so that she can go to University of Illinois nursing school located in downtown Chicago. So Tom and I became grand parents and empty nesters in August of 2011. Henna and Aki, went from carefree young couple to having a new born, a teenager, and two lively dogs.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New you ponder on the Lord!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Long Long Drive

I never thought that I would be commuting such a long distance. It seems like I am going to Peru Indiana quite regularly, at least for the month of December. Two hours one that is a long distance. I must pack an over nighter just in case I am shut in Peru by the weather. One day I will look back at these days and say "I can't believe that I did that. Those were the days of youth"

I had some emotional roller coaster for the last two months. For the month of October and November Kroger had no work for me. That happens when your duty is to fill other's vacations, illness, maternity leaves etc. No one planned surgeries, pregnancies or had vacations. And I started to look for a job that I could rely on. That did not pan out.

Yet strangely enough, Kroger would call me for emergency situations enough times to cover my schedule. It would go like this, "JaeHi, xxxx is very sick today, could you open the store in South Bend by 8 am?" I look at the clock and it is 7 am. This would have been very unwelcome phone call when one has a secure job. Under my new circumstances, I was happy to get such phone calls.

One day I invited couple of my painting friends to lunch. I had to cancel that at the last minute. I was more than disappointed yet my friends understood. So I spent the last two months where my life was suspended waiting these phone calls. It is rather funny. When I am in a situation of "unemployment" such interruption of my life was eagerly accepted.

Couple of days ago I got a schedule for the whole month of December just as I have gotten before the two months interruption. So I am employed for one month. My supervisor tells me that my schedule should be "regular" from now on. I take that statement with a grain of salt.

During these times I realized that I really love working with people. I also pondered that I may have to get back into work force full time. If I had a full time slot at one of Kroger stores, I would be secure for life. I avoided full time offers again and again because my health did not allow me. Winter times are hard. I am under the weather the whole season.

I started to exercise even when everything in me did not want to. I started ten days ago. To my amazement I am able to. I have to work towards working full time one day just because part time is just not as safe.