Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Commute

It was a long commute to Rochester Indiana, an hour and half each way. Leaving for work at 6:15 am is not exactly what I look forward to. Yet as I was driving, I realized I really love quietness of country road. The long stretch of road as it winds and turns and there is no cars behind me trying to push me to go faster, then swerves around my car, seeming to say I gotta get there, there is no time. There are no trucks rumbling towards me which can unsettle my tired little Toyota as it passes. I just have the road and the farmland that spreads its wing on either side of the road, wall of corn husks on and off, and houses or barns dotted along the way.

I arrived at familiar Kroger grocery store. How long has it been since last time? Maybe 6 months. The ladies (my staff) remembered me and inquired about my life. And I hardly remembered their names. I really like this group. They love their job. I wouldn't mind coming to this store again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Simple Joys

Lately Tom and I have been driving together to take Lizy to LoveWay stable. This is where Lizy found out she loved horses. She started to volunteer during the summer, to take care of the horses, to walk the horses with children on them as they meander through scenic paths.

I love the twenty minute ride; the rolling hills, the beautiful trees that canopy the small roads which we sometimes have to share carefully with horse and buggy. Tom chooses different route each time to amaze me. It does not take much to amaze me. I have such a limited ability in sense of direction, I always take the most boring and most straight way so that I don't get lost.

At times nothing happens that is exciting. Life goes on and these are the precious little moments to relish.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Horse Riding Lesson

Lizy had her first horse riding lesson. She looked beautiful, lean and graceful as she walked, cantered, and trotted her horse. I could imagine her one day, a skilled equestrian riding her horse in a beautiful meadow.

When I brought her to a stable, my friend Gina and her mom greeted us. Betsy, Gina's mom commented to me." I am so jealous of your daughter. She has a perfect build for riding horses; look at her long legs." I was bothered by my short legs as long as I could remember so I was beaming at Betsy's comment. Then while Gina was prepping her to get ready for her first lesson, Betsy talked on. "You know Indy (the horse Lizy is on) is God's gift to us. We have not had a lesson horse for a long time. You need a well trained horse for that. My passion has always been horses and children (to be able to give lessons) and I did not have a lesson horse. To my surprise my husband also wanted a lesson horse. I waited and prayed. I did not mention it to my husband again. One day my husband came home. He contacted someone in Warsaw who was giving away two horses to LoveWay stables (non profit stable for disabled children.) Well, LoveWay did not want Indy because she was too old. She is 20 you know. My husband requested her and we got her for free!!! Now we can give lessons to children!"

As she was talking I saw her other horses, who are not trained enough for giving lessons. They were in yonder pasture nibbling on sweet grass. They must be for riding for the owners who always had horses.

Lizy was already learning to canter and trot and I marveled how beautiful she looked on a horse who used to be a show horse. Lizy decided to volunteer at LoveWay stable during this summer and learn to take care of and lead horses with younger children during their trail walks. Her love for horses grew. She wanted to volunteer every day as long as possible. Then as summer was winding down she wanted to ride herself.