Friday, September 10, 2010

Thirty-one years

Has it been thirty one years already? On one hand I was married forever and on the other hand I was young once and where did the time go? My youngest is almost sixteen years old.

I remember those early years as I formulated how life was going to turn out. Looking back, nothing turned out as I planned. Tom and I are so different, yet somehow the long and winding road of life has melded us to travel together as we become like each other. Sometimes I look at us and am amazed that we can still love and be compatible with one another.

We spent a few days in St. Joseph, Michigan, a little town of nine thousand. The beautiful beach on Lake Michigan, the dunes, the hills...oh I love this little town. We strolled along the empty coast for miles. It is hard to believe that across from the lake on the other side is Chicago with its ever bustling beach front.

We married at the right time of the year. It is still warm and breezy yet all the people and children are back in school and work. We have the lake, the hills, the dunes all to ourselves.

Our friend Tami told me that she has a dream. She would like to buy a two-flat house here at St. Joseph, live on the first floor and rent out the second floor to vacationers. She would open up the second floor for church friends from far and wide so they can have an affordable vacation no matter what their budget may be. I told her I would love to jump into her dream.