Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Dear Mother

There is one thing that makes my mother happy. She cannot throw anything away especially those objects that she considers good or expensive. The other day she told me that what ever she treasures, she would only give it to her children. There are kitchen appliances, dishes, clothes...

She long ago learned that my brother and sister were givers but would not take what she wanted to give away. So I take them, big bundles at a time. It made her so happy that her unwanted treasure is not to be wasted.

One time I found a dress I made that my aunt admired so I gave it to her. After the dress was worn out, she gave my mother bundle of used clothes and my old dress was in it, and that bundle was given to me. I smiled and threw that dress away.

The other day she asked me if I am enjoying a special expensive shirt she gave me several years ago. I did not even remember what it was or what I did with it. I said something like, I must have shown it to Henna and maybe she liked it.

The problem is I cannot throw things away either. So things sit at our home for years until I am forced to eliminate it in order to make room. This is small price to pay for my mother's satisfaction. And sometimes I do find treasures in them.