Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thank You

This morning Tom said "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..." He was thanking me for the ultrasound set I bought to treat his hip and back condition.

One month ago Tom was crippled in pain. He could barely stand up and his posture was bent at left hip and on his back. He was not able to sleep. He could attempt to sleep only in one specific position. It was a sad sight for anyone to see him. At age 58 he had already become an old old old disabled man.

He had seen a chiropractor for at least two months, going regularly three times a week. He stopped going when his condition did not improve. His doctor MD was going to send him to a specialist if his NSAID(non steroidal anti inflammatory drug) did not work. Well it did not work and we both saw a long journey of powerful drugs and/or surgery which we were not willing (Both Tom and I).

I spent all day, from the early morning to bed time, to research on internet what I could do to avoid traditional medical treatment. I found Mend Me Shop.

I followed their regimen and today Tom is pain free and he can stand up straight. He actually noticed improvement the second day of treatment. I am also so thankful. I am thankful that I did not spend years to find a regimen that would work. Thank You Lord!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wings to Fly


Wings to Fly - 6.5

High School Years (1970 to 1974) - Continued

I let go of my new found Jesus. From Sophomore year to Senior year I only knew one thing. I must do well in academics. My parents and grandfather had high hopes for me and I must not let them down. I wanted to alleviate some of their life pains through my success and more than that I wanted them to full fill their dreams through me.

As a person, I was not significant nor exceptional in anything. Yet I tried. In academics I studied hard and attempted high grades. Each summer I kept myself busy with any type of program that would stretch me. My Junior summer was special. I am not sure if I was selected because of my artistic ability or if I volunteered and they liked my art work. We formed a tight group and painted murals. This project was headed up by an art professor from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and his assistant graduate art student. I was one of the three students from different high schools. So five of us met daily and planned, sketched, and painted. I thoroughly enjoyed that summer (1973) activity. I had no idea that it would bring me recognition beyond my expectation.

After our mural(s) were done, Chicago Tribune magazine did a story on us and our work. It had many photos in a several page story. All of the sudden I became a notoriety. Teachers I did not even know seeked me out and shook my hand. Kids who never knew I existed let me know that they read about me and our group and our mural(s). In a high school of four thousand students I was noticed and commended. It was such a contrast from what I was, a shy and quiet student about as noticeable as painting on a wall.

Then I was notified that we would be receiving a special award from Mayor Daley of Chicago; something along the line of Beautifying the City of Chicago Award. I should be basking in my glory yet what I saw of that time was a glimpse of my future. If I was to continue in my pursuit of success and fame I may experience something similar in a larger scale. I could not understand what I was experiencing within me. I experienced void and emptiness. One day after a full day of congratulations by friends, peers, and teachers, I came home and wept for a long time. "Dear God, Is this all there is to a success? A sense of void?"

Then I remembered just two summers ago, the complete sense of joy and satisfaction that came with accepting the Lord into my heart. I remembered the two weeks of bliss while I was doing nothing but reading the bible in total envelopment of God's love. I thought, Oh to experience that joy, that peace...once again. I prayed, "Dear Lord, if You are real, please bring me back to experience you the way I experienced You the first time." That was a Wednesday in April of 1974.

I believe two days later I ran into several young people who invited me to a young people's gathering. They said they loved Jesus.... This would change my life in ways never dreamt...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mount Olive Church...Then and Now

Two days ago Tom, I, Lizy and Mateo (seven months old) went to Mount Olive Church located at Byron and Tripp at Old Irving Park neighborhood. We were ten minutes early. Already there were many there greeting each other, hugging, hand shaking, and talking. They were happy to see each other.

Lizy had discovered this church about a month ago. She was looking for a church to go. She was baby sitting for Rachel's little Andrew. Rachel is Henna's friend and they belong to same age baby community. In their conversation Lizy mentioned that she is seeking for a church and Rachel invited Lizy to come to her place. The little family, Rachel, Alan her husband, and little Andrew picked up Lizy for the first visit to Mount Olive church.

As I watched the large congregation area filled with people I remembered a long time ago, way back in 1970. I was fourteen years old. I had just received the Lord via an eighteen years old college Freshman (Western Illinois University) who just recently received the Lord herself. She urged me to look for a church. I also observed people then. They were seated along the edge and back like a big shape U. The pastor had huge area of empty seat in front of him. When it was over, I was trying to be noticed and many were looking somewhere else as they exited. One man noticed me. He shook my hand. "You are new! See you next week."

Comparing from my memory to now ... singing time I noticed how much every one was involved. The meeting area was packed, especially towards the front, in fact there were no empty seats. When thanks prayer were lifted, some of those who were thanking the Lord were in tears. Sound bible teaching was found here along with those who actually had relationship with each other and with God. Yes I am glad my daughter found a place to meet.

Rachel and Alan came to greet us after service. They did not know us other than that we are Henna and Lizy's parents. Linda came to greet us. A woman from my past, in grammar school, later on as Lizy's pre-school teacher. We talked for a long time. If we had stayed longer we would have met more people.