Friday, November 11, 2011


My work hours at Kroger is dwindling. They have too many floaters for the needs of the pharmacy. As I am seeking another employment my heart is filled with sadness. I have gotten to love the people I work with, mostly technicians, and also Linda, my supervisor and boss, and Bob my senior pharmacist. The thought of leaving the relationships I have developed is sad.

This morning I woke up early. I would eat a good breakfast and be at interview 15 minutes early. To my misfortune my GPS stopped working. Somehow I seem to have a missing link in my brain when it comes to directions. I make a wrong turn & I am lost.

I am following my Google map I exited IN-331 and I am to go 6.2 miles. Within a mile the road is closed due to construction. My GPS is not working. I gave myself enough time so that I could be there at 8:45 AM (15 minutes early).

As I turned in the direction where I am to go I started to be really concerned. Can I really find the store and already it is 8:45AM. I decided to call Tom and let him direct me. Oh technology! What would I do without technology. I am following Tom's instruction...."Stop Tom, this road is closed also, construction! So Tom is re-routing me. So many stop lights... I'll be late and I hate to start with a bad impression. Tom I am going less than 20 miles an hour, I'll be late for sure... I stopped to call the two supervisors I am to meet. They were fine. They said that I was only about 15 minutes away. I am perspiring now and it is already 9AM.

So 20 minutes later I meet the two supervisors of the store. I feel that my interview went well. I go home and I feel I can rest for a bit.


By the next Tuesday 11/14/11 I was told by the HR that I was not selected.