Sunday, December 16, 2007

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On December 1, 2007, Elizabeth got a dog, an adorable eight-week-old Bichon Frisé. He weighed about two-and-a-half pounds and was (and still is!) so cute. The first night both the puppy and Elizabeth were so excited that they could not sleep. She set her alarm clock for 2 AM so that she could take Sammy outside for potty. I was so happy that it was not me responsible for midnight care.

After two weeks at our home, Sammy has trained us quite well. We are taking him to his potty box every time he wakes up from his naps and after meals. We praise him profusely for a job well done and give him treats. He takes naps on our laps as we work at our computer. When he wakes up and licks our faces, he gets such loving hugs.

Elizabeth’s view of Sammy:

I got a new puppy! I have been wanting a puppy for many years. I have begged my parents for so long and my wish came true.

My dad and I went to get my puppy, when we got to the seller’s house, the first thing I saw was two little puff balls wobbling around. I didn’t expect to see them that tiny! I got to spend time with both puppies. I finally made my decision to get the more energetic puppy and named him Sammy.

In the car as we were riding home, I thought this really was a dream of mine. When we got home, it was funny how Sammy would be running full speed and stop with his front paws and end up in a full hand stand. It was hard to walk around Sammy because he would run in front of our feet and stop and we would kick him across the floor. We ended up dragging our feet as we walked in the house.