Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wet and Dreary Morning

It was  cold and dreary this morning. As if that was not enough, rain was driving hard against my windshield.  I was trying to make out a road ahead of me in the midst of blackness while wipers are dashing back and forth .  I relied on my GPS  to turn onto a small road rather than by sight. At times unseen puddles would blanket the sides of the car.

I was asked  if I would  open the pharmacy in Plymouth. The resident pharmacist had come down with a bad case of flu.  As I was driving I was fully aware that driving in this dark and wet road did not disturb my peace.  I was serene. I had changed.

There was a time when I would have been upset... that I would have wanted to sleep more, that I should have a job closer to home, that there should be some stability to my schedule. Yet here I much at peace and even enjoying my peaceful drive in the dark. I have learned in my life journey that always pursuing "what should be" often left me tired and exhausted after initial euphoria wore off if I had gotten my way or all energy sapped out of me in my trying, if I did not get my way.

In my struggles with "wants" and "should be"s I learned it is OK just to be. My desire to pursue God in Jesus has brought me to this place and I was bubbling with love for God with whom I so often struggled with.

Soon after I opened the pharmacy, Sheryl walked in and gave me a big hug. "It's been soooo long since you worked here!"  Soon Melissa walked in. Her face was beaming. "Look who's here!!!" and she gave me welcoming hug. I had told my supervisor that I would work till noon only. I would not cancel my other engagements for the day to put in a full day of work. At noon Diana walked in to replace me. "When I heard it was JaeHi, I had to come." She said it was an hour and forty five minutes from her home to this pharmacy... I was so overjoyed to see her.

Yes I float and work in many towns and work with many people. In this floating job with schedules that can change at moments notice with unpredictable shifts, yet I am experiencing such variety of human relationships in so many different ways.

As I was driving home I thought, it was a good day....