Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drive to work

Earlier this week I was driving to a store long way from home. Many thoughts passed my mind.

November and December of 2011 was when I thought I was being pushed out of work at Kroger due to too many floating pharmacists. I applied for two jobs and was rejected. And down went my heart. Then I would get last minute calls from Kroger asking me to go and work because someone was sick. I was thankful that I was needed. At this time I realized that job is a gift.

As I was driving I thanked the Lord for this wonderful gift he gave me. All the sudden the long drive did not phase me. I loved all the personnel I worked with. I thanked the Lord for my improving health that I am experiencing this winter.

Now days I face the crippling pain that Tom experiences. I often think that we are too young for one of us to be like this. Then I remembered that Tom is a gift to me and I thanked the Lord for Tom. I remembered many years ago, I was invalid in bed with my chronic fatigue syndrome with four young children. It was seven long years. I often wished I would die because to me I would be sick forever. Who would have known that I would recover from that illness. I think Tom always knew that I would recover.

I look forward to the day when Tom is full of life and energy!