Sunday, January 15, 2012


It seems I have a lot of loose ends that needs to be finished up. Here are the list of things;

Finish off paintings as I continue to paint new things
Work on a new painting for an art show
Start cooking 1 significant recipe each week. Rest of the week continues as before.
Continue to study profession related medical subjects
Continue to study/read the bible daily
Continue to exercise at least 30 minutes to an hour daily
Start to take a bite size of area and clean the house regularly.
Finish off the blog I started on our Goshen kitchen remodeling
Plan our 33rd anniversary. I/we semi planned it for the last many years and never consummated into anything. Plan, research, and carry it out.
Invite guests once a month whether it is dinner or social gathering.

All of those before or after work. So what should be priority and how should I attack this? It is so important that I give myself enough free time to relax, and treasure together time with Tom. None of these are possible with bad health. In that situation I need to place priority on exercise and eating well. All the others fall in secondary category. Let me brew on this until something gels within me.