Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trip to East Coast - Stop at Ohio

The plan was to have everything ready and leave by 8:00 am. On Friday night I came home after 10pm from work and very little was done to prepare.

Our first stop would be in Cleveland for the Easter conference for afternoon meeting which would continue the next morning. On Sunday afternoon we would meet Patricia and Tom at their house for lunch. Tim and Christy Barker with their little baby Sophia came to see us. Julie gave us big hugs and updated us about so many exciting things happening in her life. The weather was beautiful. I realized it is these moments that I must capture and treasure. It is relationships that must be fostered. Relationships can be so fragile, broken by just being so busy with life.

We had wonderful time just talking... of what is happening in our lives. Julie is in the midst of changing jobs. She is looking forward for an interview in South Africa for humanitarian organization. Tim got a new job as a mechanic for airplane upkeep and repair. He seems to be at a very happy stage in life, a secure job and a new family. After lunch we viewed photos of the kids when they were toddlers (Tom is capturing the negatives onto digital format). Where did time go? A day well spent and memory captured.

During our drive oh about 7 hours to Scranton PA, Henna and Andrija found a way to still buy our home in Chicago through land contract...I hope it will work.