Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trip to East Coast - Day with John & family

Today was a busy day. After a lazy breakfast, we went to a park where Zach and Asia played soccer. Once Zach's game was over, we sat & watched Asia play. John and we came back home for a barbecue lunch. Elise stayed behind for Asia to finish off her game. After a quick lunch at home we went to Zach's violin recital. It looks like he has potential to become a great violinist.

Back at John's home we had couple of hours before we headed back home to Goshen. John built a fire on their patio. Oh it felt so soothing to absorb the warmth of the glow in the cool of the afternoon.

Christian (age 26), Lizy(15), Zach(9), and Asia(7) were lost in their playing.
They were building forts, playing with ball, and they were so occupied all the way till it was time to go home.

It was a wonderful trip.