Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to East Coast - To Middletown CT

At 10 Am we drove to Middletown CT. We stopped at a Chinese fast food place for lunch. I know Tom did this to make me happy (I always prefer Asian food). Unfortunately the food were less than satisfactory. We nibbled at it and packed it for later use (hopefully it will taste better.)

Once we reached Seth's campus, we hiked up to a hill, a cemetery. Some tombstones dated back to 1700s and 1800s. My active imagination went to work as I looked at the names of the deceased and their family and extended family.

When Seth got out of his class, we all went to his apartment. It was so good to see him. His roommates hung around to chat with us a bit. Due to time constraint on Seth's part, we opted to eat our left overs today. The food tasted better. Probably hunger factor did it.

Seth wanted us to trim his hair which I did and visited with him as long as we could. We will take him out tomorrow.