Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip to East Coast - Lunch with Gifford & Jane

We were talking about where to visit in New York. This morning Tom told us that he did not want to go to New York. He wanted to stay back in the hotel with Sammy (our little dog) and tomorrow would be a good day for an outing to NY if we wanted to visit. I was profoundly disappointed. I was debating whether I should go there without Tom. Well it will be our adventure.

What to do for today...(We did not plan out anything for this trip)and Seth was very occupied with his classes. I called Gifford, Tom's oldest brother. He just got laid off from his job as a carpenter so he and his wife is able to see us today. Jane prepared a quick last minute lunch but it was wonderful. We ate and talked as if we had all the time in the world. We went out to their yard and Jane showed me of all her plants and vegetation.

Tom, Christian, Gifford, and Lizy were very much involved in their conversation. Jane and I talked about our life, our marriage of 30 years...we both were married that long. I got to know Jane more this time than ever before. We talked about coming out again and going on a hike with them.

During our visit, Henna called us en route to Croatia and Seth texted us that he does not have time today until 10 pm. He got excited when we told him that we will meet him at 10pm and go out for a snack.

At 5pm we drove to a scenic river bridge at down town Hartford. River walk was created at 2nd floor level. There were Plaza, blooming trees, flowers, grass and shrubbery along manicured walks. So pleasant on this lonely path. How could such a location in downtown Hartford be empty of humanity? We were the lone family breathing in all the beauty. Tom said, well they just had a flood, and it's Monday evening. Somehow that did not seem like a satisfactory explanation.

Christian is taking a lot of creative pictures. He is really enjoying our travel. Then we drove on to a dream shop (Cabela's sport & goods). Gifford said it was like a museum. You could see all the stuffed animals and .... If you hunt, this is your place to be. I stayed behind to jot down the last 3 days events...

Seth took us to a Greek diner after 10pm. We ordered a dish of appetizer for 2 and Seth ordered a sandwich. Oh my... we had so much food left over, it seemed like Seth will be supplied with food for next day. It was fun. I commented of how I love to have all my children together, well minus Henna. By now I was thoroughly exhausted. Tomorrow will be a full day in New York ...without Tom.