Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Because We Fell In Love

To day we went to Maple Syrup Festival in Wakarusa; Tom, Gifford his dad, Lizy, and I. It was cool and breezy. We were going through little shops with interesting wares, browsing through food vendors, and walking around eating pop corn, chicken wrap and buying things like roses made of wood shavings, dress made by Indian hands...

Tom called me. Shop of plaques had wood carvings and one caught his eyes. Isn't that beautiful? he asked. All because we fell in love...
I looked at it for a while. As he walked away I noticed another one. Grow old with me, the best is yet to come. This one moved me deeply.

I am not a poet. I don't know the rules of poetry yet I am inspired.

All because we fell in love
was it marriage made in heaven?
Could not imagine anything could go arye
We dreamed of future in bliss
A young hopeful hearts

All because we fell in love
Four beautiful children came into being
The joy of watching them grow as they explore life
The pain of watching them as they fall
And smile as they pick themselves up

All because we fell in love
you and I were intertwined
When we were tossed in icy storms
And thought we would be torn apart
Shimmering sun brought us back.

All because we fell in love
A patchwork of art; you and me
I am from East where everything is so foreign
You are from the West where things are a puzzle
And we try to make sense of our differences

All because we fell in love
As life turns in direction we cannot see
We continue to love when things don't make sense, a miracle.
Somehow our love deepens
Darling, Grow old with me, the best is yet to come.