Saturday, April 17, 2010

South Side Diner

When I came home from work, I was thinking we would eat left overs. Tom suggested that we go out to eat. Lizy did not feel like going out & requested that we order in. What to eat, where to go...when you do not have a repertoire of places to go or things to eat other than fast food, it becomes a problem; Kentucky Fried chicken? Steak & Shake? Pizza? Don't ask me. I would always call for Asian food.

Lizy suggested South Side Diner at the end of the block. We agreed. In my mind I was getting ready for a typical cafeteria type of American food; Hambergers & fries, Meat loaf & mashed potatoes, fried chicken...just OK, another meal of bland American food.

When the waitress recited today's special, Tom said you need to look at my wife. This is her type of food. I ordered today's special Sea Food Delight.

Soon I was presented my meal; steamed shrimps, oysters, and clams along with steamed red potatoes & corn on the cob with salad. My eyes pop-ed, my stomach danced and my mouth watered as I opened the hot pot placed in front of me. Oh how long has it been since I ate oysters and clams and those large shrimps. I started to dig in. I was so engrossed in eating and every once in a while I looked up. Tom was sitting across from me. He was thoroughly enjoying the sight of one lost in eating heaven. He had Ruben Sandwich basket and Lizy had Turkey Croissant Sandwich basket. Neither of them were interested in tasting my bonanza.

Tom said, "I guess we found Jack Pot of restaurant!" We always meant to visit this place so close & we finally did.