Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip to East Coast - Breakfast at Irish Diner

Seth is able to see us this morning for breakfast. He took us to a very interesting Irish diner. It looked very much like what I would expect a diner to look like. They brought us very interesting breakfast, each dish unique to sight and very delicious. I love to watch my kids as they are eating and totally enjoying themselves. I thought of who they are. Christian, Seth, and Elizabeth. None of them have the drive nor ambition that consumed me as a young person and as an adult which brought a lot of pain and kept me a tortured soul( a term I learned from John, my brother in law). Seth is so intelligent; will he be a philosopher? Christian is so creative; will he be an artist? Elizabeth has love for animals and wants to be a wild life biologist.

My father's words ring in my ears, do not become anything that cannot lead you to a financial not waste your life...Yet as I watch my children I have come a long way, to just love them as who they are as their lives unfold before them. Yet I still struggle with desire to push them to more secure future.

I wish for them that they could experience financial security and job security. I have to lift them to God. I can hear the longing in my mother that her grandchildren were doctors, lawyers, engineers so many children of her friends.

I Snap back to reality and oh how sweet this is. We take Seth to library and we are on our way to Gettysburg PA. We drive all afternoon to Gettysburg PA. Tomorrow after breakfast we will visit Gettysburg Park. We only have couple of hours at the Gettysburg Military Park. One of the battles of the Civil war that occurred on this site changed the course of US history. Once we got to the park we realized there were too many things we wanted to read, too many sites we wanted to visit and we did not have time. We will come back here and spend a whole day or two.

We are on the road again to John and Elise's house. My kids adore their children. They cannot wait. Now we are traveling through hills and mountains and even through the mountains. I love hills and mountains. It makes me very emotional. I absolutely love hills and mountains.

We pull in at John's driveway. Meeting of excited cousins begin. John has made a reservation at an Indian restaurant for dinner. MMMmmmm so delicious. Elise works full time from home. Some times when my health interferes with life, I too want to find a way to earn a living from home. But how?