Friday, March 26, 2010

Hope in the midst of rubble

It was interesting meeting Kara. She was a doctor who took in an Ethiopian woman, Sara, during her last days of life. This woman was young. At age of twenty six she contracted illness which required surgery which Kara felt would heal her. Kara orchestrated donation of time and skill by anesthesiologist, surgeon, hospital, and others to bring forth the necessary surgery. Kara and her husband Robert brought her from Ethiopia to do just that. Kara called my pharmacy to inquire about pain killer for Sara since she did not have insurance or money.

Through that phone call Kara and I found each other to be sisters in Christ. I have met her and her husband Robert twice since then. Her husband Robert goes to Ethiopia to do mission work amongst the natives. Kara joins him as often as possible. Sara, in spite of the surgery and medicine made available through Kara, died about a month after I first talked to Kara.

Robert goes to Ethiopia with one hope - getting as many people as possible to receive Christ into their heart and thus change their lives. He is working on cell unit principle. Get a handful of people to receive Christ, develop a unit where they grow in Christ and help them to reach out their friends and neighbors and propagate God's life amongst people and create a new cell group. I hear now there are about one hundred sixty such cell groups. He says "the growing is happening amongst themselves. It is incredible what God is doing there." The demand for Robert's time is beyond what he is physically able to give. Right now Robert is looking for a businessman who is willing to give his time to teach these new Christians the principle of starting a business to sustain themselves. Robert finds many people in Ethiopia who is so skilled yet has no know how regarding how to capitalized in it. The country as a whole has been provided for by well meaning donations by West, people never developed the means of survival themselves.

Fusatu, one of the Ethiopian new believer of Christ told Robert that he will give his life to God. He wanted to bring many people to Christ. He wanted to go beyond his own little village. He needed a vehicle yet they do not have paved roads. Going through hills and valleys in mud or brushes are very difficult. He told God, "I give you my life savings of $5000(US) and You provide the rest for a four wheel drive." A used US vehicle would cost $22,000 and impossible amount. Government places 120% tax on such vehicles. I received an email from Kara. I felt compelled to give. Kara told me that an anonymous person volunteered to match dollar for dollar for each donation. In just one month the whole amount was raised. Fusatu is now a full time preacher bringing the good news that changes lives.