Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ohhh GPS, we miss you!


So the flight was uneventful. There were two adorable toddlers in front of us. Poor parents. I can hardly take their girls’ crying, wanting to get out of their seat belts to move around. There were two travelers behind us who were engaged in conversation through the whole trip.

We landed. Could it be possible that it is 10:30 pm already? We don't know where our hotel is. The car rental man from Hertz gave us directions. Oh GPS, we forgot to bring you. And we are not prepared for unknown roads like in the days of yore.

It is very beautiful...what I could make out in the dark, by now after 11pm. After a while I called the hotel. Why did we not think of this. The hotel clerk became our GPS until we safely arrived. Now we are extremely hungry. We did not realize that meals are not included on the flight. I slept through the food-for-purchase cart passing through the isle.Tom was not hungry at that point. Denny’s at midnight for dinner! Delicious when you are so famished!

What a day!

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