Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lovers Key Beach

This morning I woke up, still feeling nauseated and weak. Our last full day and I may be sick.  Oh well...

So we have Tom who says he is almost fully recovered. Then we have me who still feels very weak and sick. At breakfast time Tom asks me what I would like to eat. “Toast and applesauce,” I said. He smiles. “There you go.” Being able to eat toast and applesauce was the beginning of his recovery.

Surprisingly enough after eating, I felt like I could handle a mini outing. So at 11:45 am we started out for Fort Myers Beach. Little did we realize that big and little hotels and restaurants lined the beach. The whole area has been so commercialized into a mass of humanity. I was not sure if there was a spot for us to park—if we really wanted to be here at all. So we continued to drive. We talked about JN “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge we visited yesterday. We felt so glad that such a huge portion of land has been saved in its entirety in its natural state. Otherwise that area would look like Fort Myers Beach, lined with hotels.

As we drove along, the next destination would be Lovers Key State Park Beach. Could it be possible? These two areas are next to each other. Yet this one is empty with a long stretch of beautiful beach. So we spent our day here. Today there were much bigger waves. The sea was emotional today and we loved it. We took our shoes off and walked along the beach as the sea water rushed over our feet.

Later on, Tom picked out for me the littlest shell ever, then prettiest shells. So even though this is not me, I thought I would start a collection of shells. Tom picked up unusual shells and told me their stories. How he loved to collect and study shells as a child...

We lasted three hours today. That was a good day.