Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bonita Beach


Tom feels a bit better. In fact he ate some toast and applesauce for breakfast, and half a bowl of chicken noodle soup and toast for lunch. For dinner, ravioli, toast, and juice. So he is on his way back. So wonderful to get my pilot back. It is pretty amazing to think how much Tom opens up my human life for enjoyment and adventure.

Today, as we were strolling along Bonita Beach south of Fort Myers, Tom said, “This reminds me of Scarborough Beach, the one we went to in Rhode Island.” I had no recollection. He said, “We went there with Seth and Lizy during our college trip in the East.” I really did not remember. This is not the only time. Often Tom mentions trips we took....sweet times, memorable times, and I look at him with a blank face. I have no recollection. Then he describes the setting, when, where, and how much fun we had as a family or as a couple. Oh yes! Now I remember!

I am trying to figure out what is in me that I can so easily forget those moments that make life a joy. Yet how much in detail I remember all the hardships and struggles we had as a couple because we could not think alike in the way our paths should go. Often Tom does not remember those struggles. He remembers so many of our sweet moments we shared. He sees me not through the eyes of overcoming struggles and hardships but of sharing sweet moments together.

So I shall record our trips and outings so that if my memory somehow fails to remember, I will have something in writing that will last.

Today we strolled along Bonita Beach. Long stretches of sand as far as the eye could see. The ocean water stretches forward beyond the horizon. Little birds are dancing on the sands, running towards the receding water then running away from the oncoming water. They are grabbing little bits of something and eating between the approaching and receding water. If a bird is not quick enough, another one will come and snatch his food.

We walked hand in hand, a couple who has been together for many decades. We have fallen in love, out of love, and struggled and built that love back into our lives.

Tomorrow we shall visit Sanibel Island.


  1. For hours we walk together
    Going no place at all,
    Summer and winter,
    Springtime and fall.
    It's not what we say or do,
    But JaeHi, just being here with you. :)

    1. Where did all the time go? Henna was eight months old when you wrote me this song. Look at our kids now.