Thursday, February 28, 2013

Memories: A ghost?

It was early 1994, and I was about three months pregnant with Lizy. As with all my pregnancies, I was extremely nauseated, weak, and exhausted. So I always stayed home with close access to a bed and bathroom.

Late one evening, the whole house was very dark. My family was coming home from an outing. I heard the sounds of Tom and the kids coming in the back door. I rolled my reluctant body off the bed and walked through the bathroom to the hallway to greet them. The only light on in the house was in the bedroom behind me. As I was coming out, I let out a loud moaning noise which I tend to make when I feel nauseous. Carter (age ten), one of Christian's best friends, was the first one in the house. As he turned the corner toward the bathroom, he encountered my backlit figure and heard my loud, low moan. He jumped in the air with his limbs flailing wildly like he had just seen a ghost.

We all laughed so hard we were practically rolling on the floor. That was over eighteen years ago.

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