Saturday, February 23, 2013

Venturing out


Happy Birthday Seth!

Tom is sick and I must maneuver around on my own to get to a grocery store to stock up on healthy snacks.

So another day of adventure begins. I am as unable with roads as a toad. I think when my brain was being formed in my mother’s womb, some connection never linked. I cannot for the world get a feel for direction or remember how to re-trace my steps.

My goal for this morning is to go to a grocery store without getting lost and find my way back home (Candlewood Suite) without getting lost. I drove around our cul de sac until I was familiar with every building before I dared to take the car onto the roads.

OK. “Turn Left onto Bass road, turn Right onto Summerlin Rd for about quarter of a mile then turn Left onto Publix shopping center.” I am repeating these words over and over. Such simple directions. Yet I am giddy with joy that I actually found the area. I found the store!

I am giddy with joy for a second time. The grocery store is beautiful and has so much organic produce! Ohhhh they have freshly-made Sushi. I hit the jackpot! So I fill up the cart. I hope we can eat all this food in the next several days.

Glorious Sunshine, Wonderful Sunshine! I am soaking in all the sunshine I can. I sit at the pool reading my pharmacy journal. Then I walk around the hotel cul de sac to make myself familiar on foot. Who knows when Tom can take the helm. I hear of a beautiful beach a short drive away. Do I dare to venture out by myself without my GPS?

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