Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time Escapes Me

It's been twelve days since I last posted. My plan was to write something daily no matter how small or how insignificant. Yet I would let go of writing to spend a little more time with Tom.

Last week I took a week off so I could man my friend's pharmacy in Topeka. It was a wonderful experience. I loved working in a small drug store where every one coming in was a friend to the pharmacist owner. I loved the fact their little deli would make me a delicious sandwich and brought it to me and I did not go hungry like I so often do at my regular job because I am too busy to eat or drink anything. Pharmacists do not have break or lunch time; we eat only if there is time between serving customers.

Last week I had lunch with Deb Garcia. It really is fulfilling to be able to keep connection with friends. Often life gets so busy relationships are put in back bunner. She loves and looks forward to a lunch at my home. Our lunchs are brief since she has to go back to work in time.

Just this past Thursday I had lunch with five friends from Goshen Painter's Guild. They came over for a simple chili and corn bread. It really is easier to invite friends now that I have such a wonderful kitchen.