Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have exercised daily since November, December, January. Now it is February. In Tom's memory he has never seen me so healthy during winter time like I am experiencing this winter. It is wonderful. I always knew exercise was good for a person. Yet I never even considered it during winter time because I was way too weak and sickly. I would exercise as energy returned which coincided with more sunlight and warmer weather.

When I started to exercise I already had my winter health. I was battling sickly feeling that is so familiar. In November I discovered that my sugar level was high even though I ate well. I need to try exercising and see if my sugar level would go down. Sure enough within two weeks I started to see my level go down to normal. But the surplus of energy was not anticipated. I eagerly embraced my health and I looked forward to my daily thirty minute exercise.