Saturday, February 25, 2012

Men Talk and Women Talk

Yesterday I told Tom that when I am with women, they get carried away with women talk. Sometimes I think I must be a man. I just don't fit in with these women talks. Oh the husbands, they are so sloppy, pick up after them...their cleaning is not thorough... style, balance, coordination...missing...oh husbands. Then time factor. Most of my lady friends stay home. They are so busy. As I listen, I just have a pasted smile on my face and have nothing to say.

My husband is perfectionist in every detail. If he is cleaning, he is so thorough that I feel like my cleaning brain has never developed. His eye for style and balance is much superior. He is one for detail and I lose detail in everything. So I smile and listen.

So when men get together they must have more loftier things to talk about. Not really says Tom. Men are into sports, home repair, and politics. I(Tom) follow all of them but not really interested in delving into them. I miss Everett. We were really able to discuss deep topics of biblical matters. That is what I love to talk about.

Life is interesting. Now Tom is physically out of commission and is not able to clean our home, I try to pick up yet I know I miss fine & detailed cleaning. So I will hire a cleaning friend and together we will do detail cleaning. I have a good excuse. I work outside of home.

My friends and I must occupy very different stratosphere of our world.