Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

Last night(Saturday) I came home exhausted. I left home to go to Huntington at 7am and I would work there all day. I came home at 10:30pm. I ate dinner and wanted to go to bed and collapse. Tom said Henna really wanted us to come up to Chicago for Super Bowl the next day. Our schedule would be; go to church and pick up Sammy (our little Bichon Frise) and go to Chicago, visit, watch Super Bowl, and go back home to arrive home by 1 am Monday. All This sounded too much since few hours later I would drive 2 hours to go to work at Peru.

So here we are in Chicago for Super Bowl. Every one is cheering or grunting in the living room based on what their team is doing. I am unwinding. I exercised for thirty minutes, caught up on e-mail reading, requested some time off so I could get together with Tita my cousin. And best of all I get to write.

This is a visit well worth my time. Mateo is growing up so fast and Henna is eager for us to capture his moments. I joined the family during intermission to watch Madonna. She is one talented woman exuding youth, beauty, talent, and energy and she is my age. Amazing!

I work the next three days and on Wednesday I will host a bible study at our home. It is so wonderful to be so busy with activities and have energy for them.