Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Persons within Me

The hardest thing about returning home from sunny Florida after slight flu is my winter health has returned in full force. This was the very thing I wanted to shake off. I had imagined myself coming home so strong and healthy after all that sunshine. I hate this feeling of not being well. Last three days at work has been difficult and all my confidence with work was slipping quickly. Ability to concentrate and stamina to endure a demanding job were less than desirable.

During such a time I am so aware of the two persons within me. I am so aware of the delicate person who needs to rest. I look at my peers whose life is in the realm of social roles and I wish I were of busy leisure...

I am also aware of a person who was excited about taking on the challenge of a full time job in a manager role. At age nearing sixty, I will enter into a serious career. My brain is/will be in active gear to improve interrelationship of my staff, to streamline work process, and to have regular staff meetings to face challenges of the business. Daily I am taking mental notes. All this is to start in June of 2013.

I am hoping that I can build up my health to encompass both JaeHi