Saturday, April 11, 2009

What a Week

I just spent a week in Chicago with my family. Sunday (4/5) we arrived at mother's house and spent a night. Monday we went to see Jae-Ha and family to see Kyle, their new addition...what a cutie pie. He is so adorable.

The adventure began with spending the next 3 days with Henna and Andrija and their move to their first home. Henna is soooo happy with her life, with her husband, and with their new condo. We loved being part of their new beginning. Of course Seth and Chrisitan and Cora were with us good part of the time admiring the new home and the incredible view from their 19th floor.

How long was it that I was a newly wed, that of all the woman on earth that I would be so lucky to have Tom as my husband. It has been a long journey and long adventure in life, yet after all these years I have to say I am still in love and still so loved. I was looking at my beautiful daughter. All of sudden I felt like I was my mother and watching the young me. I was my mother to the point that I was the odd immigrant. I flinched every time Henna wanted to thow away a perfectly good dishes or glasses. I was my mother, old immigrant who could not get rid of anything. Funny how life turned around. My mother would give me all of her old things because she could not bring herself to waste anything and here I was, being who she is.

I looked at Andrija, a young Tom. Andrija is so totally in love with my precious. Henna told me that he has never experienced the joy of life as he is experiencing since he met her. I loved Andrija when Henna first told me that he was learning Spanish because one day she wanted to live in Spain. He thanked us for helping them move. I thought I would not miss this opportunity to be a part of their start on life.

So funny to think that when we were leaving to come back to Goshen Lizy wanted to stay longer. She loved being with Henna and Andrija. We spent 3 days working out totally involved with their move, yet to Lizy we were cutting our vacation short by coming home.

I love my family.