Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ten thing about Mom by Elizabeth

Elizabeth wrote this in 2007

Ten Things About Mom by Elizabeth (with my comments)

1. Mom is dad's Gimchi girl and Dooboo darling.
(Tom wrote me a song before we were married, My Gimchi girl and Doboo darling. My Korean taste and
Tom's very American taste buds adds spice to our marriage. Gimchi or Kimchi & DooBoo or Tofu are my all time favorite.)

2. Mom talks funny when she is tired.
( I become slurry in speech and become very funny according to those around me.)

3. Mom loves daddy's massages.
(nothing soothes me more than Tom's magic touch when I am thoroughly tired)

4. Mom likes to have the whole family together.
(yes, yes, YES!!!)

5. Mom is a hard worker
(To the point of detriment. I don't know how to rest unless I am actually sick.)

6. Mom loves daddy

7. Mom looks forever young.
(My mother, Elizabeth's grandma Kim looks very young. Must be in the genes)

8. Mom is always older than she is.
(I love to see surprise in people's eyes. When I was past 35, I would tell people that I was near 40.
At age 45, I told my friend's mom who was 55 that we were practically same age. Ten year difference
was almost none at all. She was soooo pleased even though she looked old enough to be my mother. )

Mom makes every penny count.
(This is the poor immigrant in me.)

10. Mom is Daddy's beauty queen.
(I love the fact that Tom thinks I am beautiful. I grew up thinking that I was so ugly.)