Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ten Things About Dad by Elizabeth

written in 2007

1. Dad is tall with big hands and big feet.
(Lizy must have over heard that I loved his big hands and big feet)

2. Dad is gentle.

3. Dad loves Mom
(I must be very blessed.)

4. Dad is thorough and detailed.
(You can say that again.)

5. Dad tickles and teases Mom.
(To the point I become breathless with laughter.)

6. Dad loves his children.

7. Dad knows how to unravel mom's anxiety attacks.
(I don't know how he does it. After his hugs and soothing words, the world is calmer place.)

8. Dad knows how to make mom feel loved.
(like no one else can!)

9. Dad has good judgement of value.
(You can say that again.)

10. What If's don't scare dad.
(What If's always scare me.)