Monday, April 20, 2009

Moment in March of 1997

I am creating a blog consisting of letters Tom has written to friends during 1994 to 1998 about our kids. Time captured that I did not know existed. With approval of our children that blog will be available to the audience of their choice.

(March of 1997)
Last night the boys talked Jae Hi into taking them to Blockbuster at
about 9:30 pm (they have off from school today for Pulaski day). She
took Elizabeth (age 2) also. Jae Hi was careful to keep Elizabeth away from
the Winnie-the-Pooh video section (she can't get enough Pooh nowadays),
but when Elizabeth saw a Cat-in-the-Hat video, she latched onto it and
wouldn't let go for all the world. Jae Hi ended up buying the video,
but she had to set Elizabeth up on the counter so the cashier could
scan the video--there was no way Elizabeth was going to let go of it!
When they got home, Elizabeth came running to me holding out the tape
for me to see, saying, "My moomie (aka movie)! Cat Hat moomie!"
I played it for her. When the Cat-in-the-Hat came onto the screen,
she was ecstatic, dancing around, pointing, and saying, "Cat Hat!"