Thursday, May 28, 2009


I never thought that I would like retail pharmacy, yet I do. I never thought that I would like a floating schedule, working at a different pharmacy each day, yet I do. I work with different people daily. I love the change in human dynamics.

I work with technicians who are struggling financially, especially now with so many husbands and other members in the family losing their jobs. It’s not uncommon for them to strive to survive on one income (making less than $10 an hour). Goshen is filled with those who can barely keep afloat. I have many customers who have lost jobs and wonder how they will survive. I love the relationship that I am developing with these people.

Then I go to Goshen Painters’ Guild. This guild is mostly made up of older ladies (50 and up) who travel often. In conversation, I learned that one has just come back from Hawaii, & the others are comparing notes. They often talk of their next destination—California, Florida, Europe, and other places ... Many of these ladies are retired and fill their days with activities. During winters, two of the ladies go to their summer homes in Florida, where their husbands golf all winter and they paint. One of the ladies owns a beautiful and successful nursing home. We all enjoy painting together and developing such keen friendship.