Saturday, November 22, 2008

Father in Law

My father in law, Gifford, decided to move to Goshen. Of all the options, he chose to be close to our family. It was an honor for us. He bought a home only 500 feet away. At age 84 he is more energetic than lot of people 30 years younger than him.

After a wonderful 50+ years with his first wife Marjorie, with her passing he wanted to get married again and live a life of love. His second marriage did not last. He could not have comprehended how complicated a woman can be after a life long baggage of pain & rejection experienced by Lydia. She could not receive Gifford into her heart.

Lydia soon rejected Gifford and his love and requested a separation, which evolved into a divorce. Yet Gifford saw this whole situation as a life experience. He saw it as a good experience.She was a good companion while it lasted.

He continued on with his life. Now he is in Goshen, he would like to teach at local community college. He works out 3 times weekly at Goshen College athletic center. He would like to have family gathering in Goshen which can be upwards of 20 to 30 people. He plans his life as full as possible....Amazing.

Currently he is busier than ever with his new house. It needs a lot of renovation. He is working tirelessly with a contractor to get that house to be his home as soon as possible.