Sunday, December 14, 2008


It has been a long six months. Since March Sheryl has been busy sorting out her household things. She was finally moving to Arizona with her husband, long waited dream. At age 62, she was not quite ready for retirement. She was pretty confident that there would be Kroger in Tucsan Arizona where she could continue her work until her retirement. Her husband is 72. Although he was already retired he needed to work for financial reasons and for his well being. He loved his job and the thought of not working .... well he just has to work and NAPA his current company had an extension in Tucsan and promised him a job there if he were to move.

Getting the house in order, packing, gathering things for garage sale, kept her incredibly busy. Her anticipation of moving to Arizona where her son and family resided was exciting. She could hardly contain herself sometimes. She would tell all the customers that soon they would not see her... Finally Sheryl and Carl sold or gave away just about everything. They did not want anything left. When the house was sold, they were as light as feather. They would get an apartment out there. They would buy whatever they needed and live a simple life.

One day I came to work. She was gone. I had known all along, yet I felt a void. Sheryl was gone. Melissa was hired in her stead. One day Melissa told me, "Sheryl called from Arizona, but is having a hard time. The people she is working with ... her situation is not easy." Then another week, Melissa told me that Carl did not get NAPA job. I felt bad for them.

About a month ago, Melissa told me that Sheryl and Carl are moving back to Indiana. After 3 months Carl was not able to land a job. NAPA downsized and eliminated the job that were to be his. Oh no, I thought. They sold their home in Indiana. In fact they don't even own any furniture even if they were to rent an apartment. One good news; Sheryl was told that her job here in Indiana would take her back.

Last week Sheryl came into work as I walked in. I gave her a big hug and were back working as two sisters in Christ. She told me of some horror stories about working with so many people who were so unhappy with their lives. She even told of a pharmacist whose every other word was profanity. She stood up to him. She tolerated obscenities but that he must not use her Father's name in such derogatory way. He avoided her after that. Then she told me of Carl's inability to get a job. NAPA told him that he had his job waiting for him if he were to come back to Indiana. When he contacted them again after moving back, he was told NAPA had to downsize and his spot was eliminated (again). They told him, in January of 09 something may open up.

Sheryl talked about her home here. She is renting. It is a beautiful little home, fully furnished for only $500 per month. They could stay as long as they needed. Then she talked of her plan. She would finally be eligible for social security in two years. At that point they want to move to Arizona once more. She would be covered by Medicare. Sheryl is a cancer survivor and health insurance she must have until medicare kicks in. They would buy a small camper. They can live in Arizona during winter time and travel through out US during spring, summer, and fall. She says, "My good Lord is taking care of everything. I am so grateful that he knows what is best for us."