Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Dear Friends and Family,

I have a new job in Goshen, Indiana. It is demanding, and there is so little time to reflect. Yet I am enjoying the new environment I'm in and its new challenges.

This week we are in Tennessee at Paul and Mary’s house (Mary is Tom’s younger sister). They were a couple I've always admired for their ability to give so much. In Streamwood, Illinois, they served the young people. High schoolers were constantly in their home for fellowship, meals, or just to have fun.

Mary’s desire was always to bless others in her blessing. Now their home in Tennessee is continuously filled with family and friends of all ages who desire to come, rest and soak in God’s beauty. Rolling hills, view of Smokey mountain from their front window, 2 horses to ride on, swimming pool on hot days, acres of land, and continuous provision of wonderful cooking,… oh the peace that God could provide in his beautiful creation…They are also enjoying rich church life…

One of the couples at Tuesday evening Bible study, has for pets – 6 peacocks, a goat, lambs, a pig, dozen chicken or so, cats, and many dogs, a small petting zoo…. Many neighbors own horses, land is so plenteous… and it seems each family owns so many animals.

Tom and I took a walk this morning, oh the fresh fragrance of woods, the music of cock crowing, cows mooing, birds singing, dogs barking….horses stopping to gaze at us,…thank you Lord for your beautiful creation….

This weekend we will go on to Canada for Faith’s wedding (my niece). Henna, Mary, and Faith were born within six months of each other. They spent so much of their youth together. It is amazing that one is getting married already…. We will have a wonderful big family gathering.

With love,

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