Thursday, July 5, 2007

Still Discovering Goshen

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I am still discovering Goshen. We walked along a canal and river today(5.16.07) just a few blocks from my house… we discovered a woodland-like state park which includes marsh, river, canal, and wild Midwest grass land. We saw a wooden walkway out onto the marsh. Along the pathway there were nice labels of tree types which Tom especially appreciated. As a city person, I often don’t know or distinguish many different trees. Oh what beauty God created for us to enjoy. It was a discovery so amazing and unexpected. Hidden beautiful flower park, ...I am fast forgetting that I am a Chicagoan. I am always seeking the beauty of nature on vacations or when the stress of life gets to me. I had no idea that God provided that for us within minutes from my home. As Tom and I stroll in these lovely woods, it’s so reminiscent of our courting days, just in love and loving everything surrounding us and appreciating God for His creation and so thankful for His provision.

Oh the joy of being in Christ…Oh the joy of having Him speak to us in our daily lives, …Oh the joy of serving in Christ…. Oh what precious Jesus we have….

Here are some amazing things.
City Hall is 3 blocks away.
County Seat is 5 blocks away
The center of Goshen downtown is 3 blocks away
The only hospital in the city, less than 5 minutes away
The only library in the city is across the street from us
Lizy’s Middle School (the only one in town) is less than 5 minutes away
The only High School is less than 5 minutes away
The only college; Goshen College is within 1 mile
Now we discovered “wilderness” within minutes
My first Indiana job, just walking distance from home…

Goshen is very artistic town, in paintings, pottery, woodwork, quilts, baking, and music.
We walked into a music shop where the owner actually carves and hand makes guitars and other instruments. He said he is one of the few artisans making everything by hand. He gets commission from music artists. His wife owns “Rachel’s Bread” shop. She makes bread from open hearth fire place as well as modern ovens.

In our move to Goshen, we downsized to a smaller home built in 1860, affordable even if we have difficulty in selling our Chicago home…Thank You Lord for your wisdom in directing our paths…

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