Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Joshua Tree: Day 3

At the start of our vacation, it was just Tom and I who were coughing throughout the day, which has continued till now. As careful as we tried to be, Seth came down with a virus, most likely from us.
Seth decided to stay at the ranch today, do his work, and try to get well quickly. Christian and Danielle also opted to stay home and work on their projects.

So Tom and I left for more adventure at Joshua Tree National Park. We stopped at the park visitors center. Realizing we were both still a bit weak, we asked the ranger's suggestion for a three mile hike—pretty tame by our standards now. The ranger suggested Split Rock Trail, which sounded good to us.

The trail started at the split rock.
As we started to hike, we found that things we would normally get excited about doing, neither of us ventured to do today, like climbing to the highest of the rock hills. Yet we could still treasure these moments...
I am still smiling!
Hey Tom, your face is turning red!
Baby birds are hungry...
Sunny side up! Anyone hungry?
Wow, look at the big elephant!
Hey, the boulder in the front looks just like me!
Sitting on my granite patio!
Beautiful artistry created over millions of years
By the time we came home, we were ready to crash.

It is still so wonderful to be here with my grown family. So happy to be here with my husband.

This evening Tom and I joined Seth and Christian in the hot tub to watch the sunset and then watch the stars appear one by one.

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