Sunday, January 22, 2017

Joshua Tree: Day 1

Tom and I are here with Seth, Christian, and Danielle.

We are staying at a ranch near Joshua Tree National Park. This morning, we viewed the vast desert land around the ranch. It has its own beauty, so satisfying. Because of a fair amount of rain here recently, there is more green than usual.

All we need is a few horses for our cowboys.

Breakfast was brunch at 29 Palms Inn. I was expecting a buffet, so I was a little disappointed that it was a regular order from a menu. But it was fun just being together.

Seth wanted to visit Sky Village Swap-Meet, where people bring items to sell at booths. It closes at 2 pm on Sundays, so we were hoping to get there before it shut down for the day. As we headed in that direction it started to rain.

As we entered, it looked like a deserted flea market. Maybe the rain chased away the vendors and buyers?

We walked along viewing old junk that might be someone else's treasure. The ambiance of rustle and bustle and all the bargaining was missing. There was one store open—a store with used cowboy or cowgirl boots, hats, and clothes. Danielle bought a vest and a jacket.

Time to venture into Joshua Tree National Park. The desert is so beautiful.

Each plant, so fine and exquisite.

This national park has preserved over 1200 square miles of desert. Amazing.

We did a little hiking, which included rock climbing.

My boys were shocked that I could climb that quickly. I told them, "Three years of hiking in the woods daily" made this new adventure possible.

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