Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Commute

It was a long commute to Rochester Indiana, an hour and half each way. Leaving for work at 6:15 am is not exactly what I look forward to. Yet as I was driving, I realized I really love quietness of country road. The long stretch of road as it winds and turns and there is no cars behind me trying to push me to go faster, then swerves around my car, seeming to say I gotta get there, there is no time. There are no trucks rumbling towards me which can unsettle my tired little Toyota as it passes. I just have the road and the farmland that spreads its wing on either side of the road, wall of corn husks on and off, and houses or barns dotted along the way.

I arrived at familiar Kroger grocery store. How long has it been since last time? Maybe 6 months. The ladies (my staff) remembered me and inquired about my life. And I hardly remembered their names. I really like this group. They love their job. I wouldn't mind coming to this store again.