Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As I am wondering how are we going to keep two boys in college, I am thinking of many things.

When I was young I told my self that when my kids are college age, they will be able to go anywhere they want to because we will have the means. We are two income parents and that it was inevitable that college was one thing our kids could pick & choose.

It is rather funny how far we are from there. I had never imagined that Tom would quit his job to pursue his calling. ( Wings to Fly) That in itself would throw me into journey that I never expected to enter. Then we moved to Goshen due to political situations related to serving in the church in Chicago. Our home is still unsold in Chicago.

As I am making phone calls to Wesleyan University, probably the most expensive private university in US, on Seth's behalf, I feel helpless on one hand yet peaceful on other. Who would have thought that his funding from Wesleyan would dry up due to economic downturn.

I am battling this fight within; the desire to make it possible for Seth to go back to Wesleyan and the thought this will be good for Seth to fight his own battle. Oh how I hate to be backed against the brick wall of being in this circumstance where it is not feasible to do anything....I remember thinking when Wesleyan gave him so much money the first 2 years, I was afraid that one day they will not.

Christian has one semester left. I will be so relieved when he graduates.