Monday, September 8, 2008

Wings to Fly 26 - Twenty Nineth Anniversary

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Today Tom and I have been married 29 years. Wow, it has been a long wonderful and painful winding road to here. To celebrate our special day we went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was a small restaurant with a few tables. The waitress seemed overly eager to please us. She offered us some Mexican soft beverage, tamarind pop with foreign taste. Lizy did not care for it. An older woman, somewhat heavyset with rolling waist line, mother of our waitress came. When she realized that Lizy did not care for this, she wanted to bring another one which passed Lizy's taste buds with flying colors. There was sign of relief and satisfaction in her face. She was so eager to please us. I think we will come back here.

It was delicious, every one of our meals. Tom and I looked at each other. Twenty nine years, Wow. We went through so much. We have been somewhat transformed. Our differences do not bring up so much abrasions. We have accepted each other, that both of us will continue to have our own unique traits, and in spite of it all we find that we still love each other.

Seth and Lizy was asking how we met, how long we dated, how old we were... It seems funny to talk about us...we were the college kids falling in love. At our marriage, I was younger than Christian and Tom was younger than Henna.