Monday, June 11, 2012

Our planning

My cousin and I were planning how we would get to our young cousin’s wedding when so many factors are seeming to interfere...and this is her reply...a gem.

Yes, when I think of all we have lived thru, OF COURSE, it will all work out ! :) 

Really, at this stage in my life, I marvel at all the things that have already worked out and then I realize that most of them did not really work out as I had so beautifully planned them, and yet, it's funny, I feel that they still worked out....I tell my kids never to worry if Plan A falls thru, they just have to be nimble and embrace Plan B, and if that falls thru, Plan C isn't so bad either...and at the end of it all, they will find that Plan Z will be the one they find themselves living and that will have been the best plan of is trite, but so true, that it is not the hand that life deals us that will define our life, but rather, our attitude toward that hand and how we choose to play it.