Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mount Olive Church...Then and Now

Two days ago Tom, I, Lizy and Mateo (seven months old) went to Mount Olive Church located at Byron and Tripp at Old Irving Park neighborhood. We were ten minutes early. Already there were many there greeting each other, hugging, hand shaking, and talking. They were happy to see each other.

Lizy had discovered this church about a month ago. She was looking for a church to go. She was baby sitting for Rachel's little Andrew. Rachel is Henna's friend and they belong to same age baby community. In their conversation Lizy mentioned that she is seeking for a church and Rachel invited Lizy to come to her place. The little family, Rachel, Alan her husband, and little Andrew picked up Lizy for the first visit to Mount Olive church.

As I watched the large congregation area filled with people I remembered a long time ago, way back in 1970. I was fourteen years old. I had just received the Lord via an eighteen years old college Freshman (Western Illinois University) who just recently received the Lord herself. She urged me to look for a church. I also observed people then. They were seated along the edge and back like a big shape U. The pastor had huge area of empty seat in front of him. When it was over, I was trying to be noticed and many were looking somewhere else as they exited. One man noticed me. He shook my hand. "You are new! See you next week."

Comparing from my memory to now ... singing time I noticed how much every one was involved. The meeting area was packed, especially towards the front, in fact there were no empty seats. When thanks prayer were lifted, some of those who were thanking the Lord were in tears. Sound bible teaching was found here along with those who actually had relationship with each other and with God. Yes I am glad my daughter found a place to meet.

Rachel and Alan came to greet us after service. They did not know us other than that we are Henna and Lizy's parents. Linda came to greet us. A woman from my past, in grammar school, later on as Lizy's pre-school teacher. We talked for a long time. If we had stayed longer we would have met more people.