Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What a Day

Monday (3/7/11) was a normal day. It was very busy in the pharmacy as usual. I was starting to feel that I am getting too old for this job that seems to increase in volume all the time. I am on my feet most of the work day and very often I do not have any breaks. It was nearing 9pm. I was looking forward to wrapping things up and going home. The last thing I had expected that day nor any day was that a customer would get so venomous towards me that she would wait in her car in the dark and empty parking lot with intention of bodily harm.

One last customer came in. She wanted her Vicodin (pain killer) and Keflex (Antibiotic) which was called in by her physician. I had reviewed her profile and realized that she was 5 days too early for Vicodin. I told her that I need a conversation with her doctor. She started to batter me in words and demanded that I fill her Vicodin. The names she called me was fearful. I offered her Keflex which I had filled for her.

I called her doctor's office at 9pm (for her sake..I knew no one was there). She rolled her eyes and called on her cell phone and left a message for her doctor for immediate call back. To my amazement the MD called her right back. I asked her in hand motion to give me the phone so I can discuss the situation with him and fill her prescription. She handed me the phone. He did not realize that the phone was transferred to me and before I could speak, he was in the midst of yelling at her calling her many names....I realized that this was more than common patient & doctor relationship. I pulled the phone arm distance and spoke as I brought it closer to my ears. "Dr. M... this is the pharmacist...." He told me "Do not fill the prescription for her." I handed the phone back to her only to realize they were continuing a tense conversation and she was crying now. Once she hung up the phone, all her hatred was transferred to me.

She demanded that I transfer the prescription which I attempted very meekly. CVS did not accept the transfer. They did not want her. Walgreens took the prescription but did not want to fill it without MD consent. Meanwhile we were getting plenty of threats from this woman. I felt so lucky that my technician stayed beyond her hours to stay with me. The woman left.

About 20 minutes later one of the store staff came by and told us that this woman was still in the parking lot waiting. We called the security guard and he moved our cars to the front of the store. The guard told us that when she saw him walk towards our cars, she drove off. We asked him to escort us anyway and he did.

As I was getting into my car I looked around. As I was driving home I looked back expecting to see someone following me. I came home safe and sound to a loving family.