Sunday, May 11, 2008

Slice of Life May 2008

Dear Family and Friends

Elizabeth has started a small business. She created a flier about her "babysitting service". We walked to the park and she handed out to mothers with young children. Within a couple of days she got 2 responses with 20 fliers. She interviews parents then baby sitting starts.

Recently she has shown me another side of herself. She got into her middle school musical. I did not expect much but was very impressed by the 90 minute play. She is in school orchestra which did its grand finale last week. She plays violin. She joined Goshen Youth Soccer Organization and she found out she loves playing soccer. She may even join the school soccer team in the fall. Some how I did not expect Elizabeth to be involved in so many things.

She also has 2 best friends now who are in the neighborhood. She had longed to have best friends the way she had in Chicago.

Seth is active with Obama campaign. He has spent some time in Pittsburgh, then Indiana, and now he is in West Virginia. He loves to design, implement, then follow through large projects...He can judge a person's strength and weakness and give them duties that would best full fill their ability. One night he brain stormed a course of action, wrote it up, and implemented it the very next day with volunteers. He was more than happy with the outcome. Of course this is bits and pieces I gather from what little I saw of him.

I am starting to see patients, spend upto an hour in their medication therapies. For some patients who are on 30 medications, even 1 hour may not be enough. I have always wanted to get involved in clinical work, but as a part time pharmacist that has not been possible.

We have decided to keep our Chicago home for several years until the housing market picks up. For right now I am happy to keep our home, where Henna and Christian and Justin (our nephew) can reside. Also we have a home to come to when we are visiting Chicago.


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