Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wings to Fly - 21

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Bend in the Road (continued)

Leaving Proevity Continuing Education Group

Also I needed to consider the practical way to support my family while Tom served. I needed to leave my business. It was an education business called Proevity Continuing Education Group (2000-2005). The work fulfilled the yearning of my soul; to achieve, to press on in human life, and to see bigger goal than to work today to live for today. The challenges were so satisfying - in creating the curricula in alternative medicine for the health care professionals as well as the general public. Our goal and mission was to create programs for the healing of chronic illnesses by natural means without complicated pharmaceuticals. We provided seminars throughout the US and Canada with invitations from Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Essentially Tamara and I worked for almost for nothing while wages were available for our employees. Both Tamara and I were working more than full time and did not draw a salary if Proevity had no money. I worried about our current staff of employees, about the possibility that my leaving may cause the company to collapse and they would lose their jobs. It was somehow easier for me to think about them than for myself. It would take a lot of interaction with the Lord to be able to finally let go. My attempt to replace Tom’s income with my company never materialized yet and it was necessary for me to leave this company.

In September I officially said “Good Bye” to Proevity. I got a job as an oncology pharmacist. I had left that same position 12 years prior for Elizabeth’s birth.


I realized that there was a definite catching up to do in pharmacy. I left the hospital job in March of 2006 and studied day and night for three months. One of my memorable experiences during this time is, I was sitting in a library one day in May studying pharmaceuticals. I was experiencing peace and safety of the Lord. Through circumstances, I felt to leave my current job, study, and look for another job soon. I felt the Lord was with me in each step of the way.

In June I got another temporary job for six months until my move to Goshen Indiana.

In August 2006, we bought a home in Goshen. It came rather easily and quickly. We closed in two weeks of our offer and Tom and Elizabeth moved to our new home two weeks later. The fact that our Chicago home was fully paid made buying of second home easy. Yet we were technically jobless.

Tom was in Goshen with Elizabeth by August of 2006. She was starting the one and only middle school in Goshen. All the sixth graders were new to the school. It was a good time for Elizabeth to start this school in this new town. I was working in Chicago and decided that I would work till the end of the year. Tom would come up to Chicago on weekends and work on the house; plastering, painting, renovating, etc.

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