Friday, February 1, 2008

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Dear Family and Friends

Happy New Year!

It has been one full year in Goshen for me and one and half years for Tom and Elizabeth. We still have our Chicago home and it is happily occupied by our three older children.

As I reflect the past year there were so many experiences. For me 50 years of city life to adjusting to a small rural community is vastly different. Tom has found himself a home immediately. Elizabeth also adjusted to new school better than we thought possible. Yet she misses her Chicago friends much. Thanks to modern technology she communicates with them with ease.

Goshen church life is small, more like home meetings, and very close knit, and I love them all.

We have visited Chicago often (usually 24 hour visits), wishing always we had more time for our friends and family. My life is richer for having known you all. As I am immersing myself into a church life and community life in Goshen, I am thankful for all the paths I have traveled. I am thankful for the roads the Lord has paved for us.

I meet so many interesting people in my work and life here. Recently I have joined Painters’ Guild in Goshen. Although I have just started to paint it is exciting to be with significant people in the community and in March we may have opportunity to sell our work.

JaeHi and Family

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