Monday, January 15, 2007

Move to Goshen, Indiana

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Dear family and friends,

We have moved to Goshen. I would like to update you on what we are doing and how the Lord is working in our lives. I feel that writing to you periodically is one way for me to keep all of you in my heart.

Elizabeth has been attending Goshen Middle School since August of 2006. She is in orchestra and loves it. She plays violin, and she is improving daily. She is also taking art lessons in an adult class. So far the teacher says she is the most advanced student. She is fitting in well with four other students who are in their 40s to 60s.

Our older three children are in college. Christian and Henna will stay in Chicago. Henna is going to Harold Washington College studying languages: Spanish, French, and Swedish. Christian is at the University of Illinois (UIC) studying Industrial Design. Seth is going to Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

Tom and I bought a house across the street (about ½ block south) from the Jordans. Mark and Sherry have taken in Sherry's dad. He is 82 years old and has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. He needs full-time care, and Sherry is providing the care. When she needs a break, Elizabeth or I stay with him to give Sherry a break. It is such a precious experience for Elizabeth to see the care a daughter is giving her elderly father who is not able anymore. It is also so good for Elizabeth to participate in Milford's (Sherry's dad) care. The care that Mark and Sherry give to her dad is such an expression of the love of Christ.

The church life in Goshen is very sweet. The congregation is very small, and there are so many new ones who are just babes in Christ. At our last Bible study meeting, Mark told us that 75% of the participants were new since last year. I see that we will be very busy. Mark and Sherry are so glad to have us here and happy that we have some foundation and years in Christ.

A sweet highlight: In October, one new couple invited the whole church for dinner, bonfire, breakfast, then morning meeting on Sunday. There were about 15 children and 30 adults. We camped on their land. Everett, the brother, hired a local musical family (four children playing violin, ages 12 to 17) before dinner. They were from the denomination he used to meet with. Oh, they were so good! They reminded me of "The Sound of Music." This event itself was such a sweet time of fellowship. There were so many testimonies of how the Lord is working in each one's life. The children had a great time too.

The Lord is so wonderful.

Your sister,

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